Organic Permaculture Herb Farm

Organic Medicinal Herbs catered to Autoimmune Disease, Hormone Imbalance, and Reproductive Health. Virsiren Herbs is founded on the principle that women should have the knowledge and tools to improve their health regardless of their health care status. Our goal is to provide high-quality organic herbs that are grown and harvested sustainably. 




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Land for medicinal gardens

We are in the application process for a USDA loan to purchase land in the greater Charlotte area. We seek to fulfill the need for local organic medicinal herb growers in North Carolina. As a BIPOC and woman-owned business, we see the importance of introducing more women of color to agribusiness and land ownership. Our goal and mission is to be 100% women-owned and operated. We are seeking to purchase up to 10 acres in the surrounding areas of Charlotte, NC for the purpose of growing medicinal herbs, flowers, and fruits.

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Tropical Plants in the Piedmont region

Bringing tropical plants to the Piedmont region. The wealth of medicinal plants located in the tropics can be brought to our home state of North Carolina through the use of a commercial greenhouse. We are aiming to grow over 10 medicinal plants that are native to the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

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A whole-systems design

Sustainable systems for a sustainable future. Creating an evolving ecosystem that mimics nature and meets needs with existing resources. We have a deep reverence and appreciation for the gifts nature gives us in the form of medicinal plants. We aim to honor and protect the land we occupy and implement a system of agriculture that enriches our soil and positively impacts our local ecosystem. We also acknowledge the financial benefits a zero-waste permaculture setup can provide. A portion of our USDA Farm loan is allocated toward the infrastructure and equipment necessary for this setup.